Easy Koi Care

Taking care of your pet Koi is essential to ensure a healthy and prosperous breed, which not only brings great relaxation and charm to your life but is also a source of unlimited fun and enjoyment.

As Koi are available in a wide variety of colors and interesting patterns it is a popular species, much adored by enthusiastic pet owners. But in order to provide the best care to your pet Koi, it is critically significant to have some basic knowledge of the specie requirements and their vital needs.

Following are some tips to remember while taking care of the new pet Koi in your pond.

Avoid Overfeeding

The most common reason for the death of Koi is that amateur pet keepers tend to overfeed them in their desire to provide the best to their pets. Overfeeding a Koi is tantamount to murdering it because the species tends to eat at a fast pace, and then pollutes the pond with a similar rate. If proper filtration is not available or the pond is polluted at a faster pace than the filter can remove the contamination, the Koi will die at a quick rate.

Proper care is essential in this regard.

Check Pond Toxicity Level

Pond water quality is critical for Koi, as a contaminated pond with high toxicity levels is not conducive to the proper growth and development of the species. It is very important to ensure the water quality of the Koi habitat is safe for its survival.

Ensure An Adequate Diet

It is important to not underfeed nor overfeed the Koi, if you want to keep healthy specimens. The diet of a Koi depends upon the temperature of the pond which regulates the metabolic activity of the species. Through a protein and carbohydrate rich diet, you can ensure healthy pet Koi.

Determine And Regulate Pond Water Temperature

Koi tend to eat more in water temperatures around 74F while they are noted to consume a minimal amount of food when the temperature of the pond water is below 54F. Therefore, it is important for you to note what and how much you feed your Koi, depending upon the pond water temperature, which has an impact on the metabolic activity of the fish.   

Ensure proper Koi care by easily observing the important fish keeping points.