How Much Pond Water Should I Use For Keeping My Koi?

Ensuring the adequate supply of all essential factors recognized as vital for the optimal well being, growth and overall health of your aquatic pet is a necessary provision for every fish keeper.

All pet keepers want their beloved pets to enjoy the best of health, and grow to a ripe old age after reaching their maximum size and length. For aquatic life, pet owners have to exercise a little extra effort, as any negligence can have a profound impact on the growth cycle of their aquatic pets. Carelessness can even pose a threat to the health and life of the fish of an amateur. Therefore, it certainly pays off to have a good knowledge of the vital living factors, which will ensure healthy pet specimens. And an adequate pool with the required quantity of water is one of the most basic needs of aquatic fauna, raised as pets.

As Koi is a species which is noted for growing up to quite large sizes, it is significant for every aspiring Koi pet owner to have an acute understanding of the required habitat for their survival. Koi are known to range in sizes from small to medium sized fish, while they have also been noted to reach record lengths, posing perfect specimens.

Large to jumbo sized Koi fish are bred by fish enthusiasts and are huge compared to some other species which are reared as pets. The key to raise this species is to know the actual size category of your Koi, and provide it with a living habitat which facilitates its easy and healthy existence. With a pond having just the right quantity of pond water required to keep and raise your Koi, you can be sure of a healthy set of pets, providing you with hours of relaxing fun.

The quantity of water in a pond is determined with the actual size of the Koi.

Size Category

Size In Inches

GPK(Gallons Per Koi)



2 to 8 inches

150 gallons


8 to 14 inches

300 gallons


14 to 24 inches

500 gallons


24 to 36 inches

900 gallons


By observing these instructions you will surely ascertain the health and well being of your dear pets.