Koi And Pond Plants

Pond plants are the essential requirement of every fish pond, because not only do they add to the beauty of the fish habitat but also serve other purposes as well.

A Source Of Oxygen

Pond plants are a great source of oxygen for the Koi in a pond. They ensure the aeration of the pond, providing the fish with a healthy habitat in which they can live happily and enjoy a healthy existence.

Shade For Pond Fish

Pond plants also provide the Koi and other pet fish with much needed shade, especially if they live in an outdoor pond, subject to the glaring rays of the sun. In extremely warm temperatures, the Koi easily hide underneath the plants and escape the scorching heat and related side effects.

Protective Surface For Fish Eggs

Pond plants are also used by female Koi for laying their eggs. The fertilized eggs are attached to the surface of the submerged plants, by the Koi during the spring breeding season.   

Ensured Control Of Algae

Pond plants also ensure a control on the spread of algae within the pond. The shade provided by the plants, limits the amount of light penetrating into the pond, which acts as a control on the distribution of algae within the habitat.

The pond plants have a natural filtration system, which prevents the formation and spread of string algae. The pond plants absorb the harmful nitrates, which eventually result in the development of the algae, thus ensuring a natural control on their spread.

Some Common And Useful Pond Plants

There are three categories of plants which can be introduced into the Koi pond for adding beauty and ensuring an aerated pond habitat for the species.

  • Shallow water marsh plants
  • Floating plants
  • Submerged plants  

Shallow water marsh plants like Water Iris, Umbrella Plants, and Horsetail are very lush specimens which are present at the side of the pond, within the shallow waters.

Floating plants like Water Lilies, Water Hyacinth, Water Poppy and Lotus are some, which provide the needed shade to the Koi, and also limit the penetration of sunlight into the pond, thus reducing algal growth. They also act as natural filters.

Submerged plants are also called oxidizing plants and do a spectacular job in removing the excess nitrates and carbon dioxide from the pond, and maintaining the oxygen content in the water. American Waterweed and Fanwort are common examples.

Adding pond plants to your Koi pond is a great and vital choice.