Koi Behavior Patterns- A Docile Species

Koi is a popular species with pet owners and fish lovers, who keep the colorful fish and enjoy the resultant relaxing effect of their newly acquired pets.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the Koi species as a pet fish is its docile nature. It is a species which has been known to exist comfortably with a host of other fish species in the same pond. Unlike other fish species, Koi don’t have any territorial issues and happily coexist with other species of the class Pisces.

A Friendly Disposition

Though Koi are a friendly species, they do take time getting used to new surroundings and adapting to them. After a Koi has spent some time in a pond and has gotten used to it, it will exhibit its naturally friendly behavior. Koi have been known to actually eat out of the hands of their owners once they get familiar with them.

One trick is to feed the Koi while sitting at the side of the pond, to have the Koi grow comfortable with their new owners. Similarly, goldfish and other species easily and happily coexist with the Koi in the same pond, provided the living space is large enough to accommodate all.

Koi are massive eaters and large Koi might sidetrack the smaller ones for gaining a larger portion of the food available in the pond.

Herbivorous Species

Koi, being an herbivorous species, do not pose any threat to other fish species or even the young Koi specimens. They feed on the algae and other food products provided to them, without feeding on any aquatic life.

Reasons For Observed Strange Behavior  

A stressed Koi might behave differently than normal. An overcrowded pond is sure to cause the Koi to get stressed out, which in the long run tends to weaken its immunity system, and make the Koi sick.

Speeding round the pond or being sluggish are indications of the specimens being sick. Whereas, a leaping Koi is not aggressive at all, rather their action signifies that the oxygen content in the pool is not adequate to meet their requirements which have prompted the specimen to engage in such antics.

The Koi is a species with a friendly disposition, and exhibits docile behavior on a general basis.