Koi Ulcers - Causes And Treatment

Pet fish are liable to get injured and suffer damages after getting banged on the sides of the walls of the pond, or getting into a fight with another dormant specimen. But Koi are a docile species which do not get into aggressive encounters with other fish and are more likely to suffer injuries by bumping against the pond or suffering from a disease.

A wound caused due to an injury, if left untreated, has the potential to turn into an ulcer. Bacterial infection in a wound causes an ulcer to develop, which can lead to serious health consequences for the affected specimen, along with internal infections and in severe cases, even death.

Attack of parasites on the skin of a Koi tends to damage the skin and eat away at the flesh of the species. At other times, bacterial infection is the cause of an ulcer in a Koi, which affects the skin, flesh and overall health of the species.

Timely and proper identification of the ulcers of a Koi is a critical element which can have a significant impact on the health of the pet. Small red blemishes or sores spotted on the skin of the pet Koi has the tendency to develop into a large ulcer.

Sometimes, the ulcers are present underneath the Koi, which makes it difficult for pet keepers to identify and treat them. If proper treatment is not provided in time, the muscles can get exposed which can affect the growth of scales later.

If ulcers are not treated in time, they have a tendency to become systemic, and affect the entire body, damaging the organs and tissues of the affected Koi.

Treatment medications for the cure of a Koi suffering from an ulcer include, Koizyme, Tricide Neo, injections, Melafix, Bifuran and Topicals. In addition to adding medicated food to the Koi pond, along with the usual treatment techniques, there are some useful methods which ensure speedy recovery and are easy to use. While one observes the instructions of fish specialists for treating their affected Koi, adding salt to the pond water is also a great way to prevent the fish from becoming bloated.

The open ulcer wound of the Koi allows water to enter the body of the fish, which causes the specimen to bloat. Adding salt to the water will help in reducing the gradient of the Koi and the water. This would mean less water enters the fish body, and the energy of the species is utilized in fighting the infection.

Warming the pond water to a 70 or 80F is a great way to give a boost to the immunity system of the Koi. With a proper working immunity system, they are sure to recover quickly. Ensuring proper water quality is essential; else otherwise the fish will not answer positively to any provided treatment.

It is important for every pet owner to protect their Koi from a plausible ulcer if they wish to see them live a long and healthy life.