What Are Japanese Koi?

It is the desire of every pet owner to select the best breed and species of the pet they wish to keep as a hobby. Avid fish owners exercise special care and engage in extensive research, to choose the breed which will be easy to keep and maintain, and will be a mode of relaxing fun as well.

Koi lovers aspiring to keep the beautiful fish species in indoor or outdoor ponds, engage in extra effort to pick the most beautiful and healthy specimens they can find. There are two types of Koi present in the market, domestic and imported. The domestic Koi are born and bred within the home state of the pet owner, while the imported Koi is bred in another country and is made available for sale in different regions of the world.

Japanese Koi is a popular option of many amateur and experienced fish keepers, on account of a number of reasons, and is priced at a significantly higher value than the regular domestically bred species.

Japanese Koi are aquatic species which are born and bred in the famous breeding farms in Japan, which have been committed to rearing exemplary specimens of the species for a long period of time.

The art of breeding Koi originated from the Japanese, and they developed and explored new and better ways to rear and breed Koi in order to get a species which is healthy and large in size. One of the most important reasons for the popularity of the Japanese Koi is the amazing variety of color combinations and patterns of the fish species bred in Japan.

The breeding farms exercise special care and maintenance, along with a proper Koi diet to ensure the different striking color patterns in the species.  Since many Koi breeding farms in Japan have been in business for generations, they utilize experienced techniques along with latest methods, to breed beautifully patterned Koi.

The Japanese Koi are mainly noted for their comparably better colors, large size and superior quality throughout the world, enjoying a distinguished place in the market against other bred Koi. The high quality specimens are sought at high prices due to their ever-present demand in the market.

The popular Koi variety includes matsuba, bekko, sanke, kohaku and kujaku etc.