What Is The Difference Between An Imported And A Domestic Koi?

While looking to purchase a few Koi to raise in the house pond as pets, one of the most common issues that amateur and even experienced aspiring fish owners face is the problem of having to make a choice about which ones to purchase.               

When it comes to purchasing Koi, there are two main types of varieties available in the market, which poses a problem for novice pet owners regarding which kind to opt for. The species is usually available as domestic and imported Koi in the market, which makes it quite difficult for a new pet owner to make a suitable choice for their pet pond.

Imported Koi

Imported Koi signifies that the species has been born, bred, raised and then imported from another country. In the market, Koi imported from Japan is very popular amongst fish lovers, as the species is bred for their colorful patterns and combinations. There are a few particular Japanese Koi varieties, which are famous for their vibrant colors and amazingly enchanting patterns and combinations. These include the Showa, which is a combination of red, black and white, and the Kohaku which is white and red in color and is the most popular variety in the entire species.

As the imported Koi have great value, demand and an aesthetic appeal because of their unique patterns, scales, finnage and color combinations, they also tend to be more expensive than the regular Koi. Moreover, as some of the best Koi breeders are known to be in Japan, their supplied fish holds more value in the market.   

Domestic Koi

A domestic Koi is usually referred to the fish species which is bred within the country one lives in. If a pet owner living in the States were to purchase a domestic Koi, it would mean that the fish was bred and raised in the region.

Domestically, Koi is raised and bred with a view to ensure a large sized species, rather than a focus on their colors and patterns. This serves to earn domestic Koi a comparably lower value on the market, when judged against the imported species.

It is very important for an amateur fish owner to opt for a Koi variety which best answers their purpose, and enjoy a relaxing hobby.