What Makes Japanese Koi So Popular?

When compared domestically or on an international level, Japanese Koi serves to be the choice fish species opted for by most experienced and ardent hobbyists.

The colorful carp is mostly popular for the wide variety of fascinating colors, along with different fin and scale patterns, which mark each breed as distinct and uniquely beautiful from the rest of the aquatic fauna.

Japanese Koi is a popular choice for many when weighed against many domestic and even other imported Koi, because the quality of species available from the state is recognized in the market for being of the highest and superior worth.

The Koi breeding farms in Japan have been in the industry for several generations, and have perfected the art of rearing and breeding Koi to ensure a species which are healthy, large in size and available in a wide variety of attractive colors.

The colorful carp is mostly adored because of its charmingly attractive combinations. It is an art refined by the experienced Japanese Koi breeders over the years, which has resulted in earning the Japanese Koi the distinction of breeding better colored Koi than any other type available in the market.

As the hobby of rearing and breeding Koi originated from Japan, the years of experience, learned lore, business secrets and expertise have all served to take the task of Koi breeding to a new level, which has made an engaging variety of superior quality Koi available on the international market.

As most amateur as well as experienced Koi keepers, wish to care for healthy and attractively colorful Koi species, the Japanese Koi is the first choice of many. Because of its high demand and value in the market, Japanese Koi generates a high price compared to the domestically bred species, as well as other imported specimens.

Sought by breeders and hobbyists alike, Japanese Koi is mostly famous for the large variety of colorful specie options, with different fins and scale patterns. Some of the most popular Japanese Koi breeds are Kohaku, Sanke, Ochiba, Kujaku, Bekko, Tancho, Matsuba, Hikari, Utsuri, Showa and Platinum Ogon, which are sought by enthusiasts all over the world, for their great color patterns and combinations.